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Product Description

Chain link fence is made of woven steel wire,which is one of the most commonly used and versatile of all the fencing fabrics.It is normally available in a variety of wire gauges and mesh sizes to suit individual applications.All chain link fencerolls come complete with line wires and with knuckled edges.


Dimension of PVC Coated Chian Link Mesh
Mesh Wire Diameter Width Length
40mmx40mm 2.8mm–3.8mm 0.5m–4.0m 5m-25m
50mmx50mm 3.0mm–5.0mm
60mmx60mm 3.0mm–5.0mm
80mmx80mm 3.0mm–5.0mm
100mmx100mm 3.0mm–5.0mm
Dimension of Galvanized Chian Link Mesh
Mesh Wire Diameter Width Length
40mmx40mm 1.8mm–3.0mm 0.5m–4.0m 5m-25m
50mmx50mm 1.8mm–3.5mm
60mmx60mm 1.8mm–4.0mm
80mmx80mm 2.5mm–4.0mm
100mmx100mm 2.5mm–4.0mm